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Delivery of your order


If you are not at home at the first delivery attempt, the package can be picked up at a service point in your area. It is also possible that the package is delivered to your neighbors. The parcel deliverer will leave a note in your mailbox with the details of the relevant collection point.


If in stock and if you order before 15:00, your order will be shipped the same working day. Orders placed during the weekend or on public holidays will be shipped the next working day. Within the Netherlands, your package will almost always be delivered to you one day after shipment. In the rest of Europe, the delivery time is 2 to 7 working days, depending on the country of destination. The stated shipping time is only an indication and cannot be guaranteed.

It is possible that a product is temporarily out of stock, resulting in a longer delivery time. In that case, we will inform you in time. If you have ordered more than one product, they will all be shipped together. The product with the longest delivery time thus determines the delivery time of your order. 


The shipping costs depend on the destination country and the size and weight of the package. These are separately shown during the ordering process before you pay. The shipping costs per country can be found in the table below. Different shipping costs apply to various products.

Some products have deviating shipping costs:

  • Sidebars, VarioCage Double, and roof boxes click here for the overview.
  • Carbox Classic & Classic your size.
  • Kleinmetall Masterline & Starliner.


Customers outside the European Union have to take into account additional customs formalities, resulting in:

  • (Significantly) longer delivery times.
  • Additional costs, such as import duties, customs clearance costs, and VAT of the destination country.

For administrative reasons, it is NOT possible for us to deliver export shipments without VAT.

ServiceStandard (1)ServiceLarge/heavy (2)
Austria2 – 3 daysEMS€ 15,30DHL€ 94,10
Belgium1 – 2 daysEMS€ 9,95DHL€ 87,40
Bulgaria4 daysEMS€ 31,40DHL€ 107,00
Croatia4 daysEMS€ 31,00DHL€ 116,20
Czech Republic2 daysEMS€ 19,00DHL€ 95,80
Denmark3 – 4 daysEMS€ 17,10DHL€ 110,20
Germany2 – 3 daysEMS€ 12,95DHL€ 90,90
Estonia3 daysEMS€ 21,40DHL€ 105,30
Finland2 – 4 daysEMS€ 22,60DHL€ 116,20
France2 – 3 daysEMS€ 16,95DHL€ 95,80
Greece4 – 5 daysEMS€ 30,50DHL€ 108,10
Hungary3 daysEMS€ 22,60DHL€ 97,20
Ireland2 daysDHL€ 37,40DHL€ 103,90
Italy3 – 5 daysEMS€ 17,80DHL€ 103,90
Latvia4 daysEMS€ 30,50DHL€ 105,30
Lithuania4 daysEMS€ 30,50DHL€ 105,30
Luxemburg2 daysEMS€ 14,50DHL€ 89,20
Netherlands1 – 2 daysPostNL€ 8,95DHL€ 84,20
Poland2 daysEMS€ 22,60DHL€ 92,30
Portugal3 daysEMS€ 20,20DHL€ 104,90
Romania3 daysEMS€ 30,50DHL€ 95,80
Slovakia3 daysEMS€ 19,00DHL€ 97,20
Slovenia3 daysEMS€ 24,60DHL€ 97,20
Spain3 – 5 daysEMS€ 18,40DHL€ 103,90
Sweden2 – 3 daysEMS€ 22,60DHL€ 106,70
United Kingdom (4)3 – 5 daysEMS€ 39,30  
Norway (DAP) -7 kg (3)3 – 4 daysEMS€ 38,00  
Norway (DAP) -20 kg (3)3 – 4 daysEMS€ 65,50  
Norway (DAP) -30 kg (4)3 – 4 daysDHL€ 94,90DHL€ 163,60
Switzerland (DAP) -7 kg (3)3 – 4 daysEMS€ 38,00  
Switzerland (DAP) -20 kg (3)3 – 4 daysEMS€ 65,50  
Switzerland (DAP) -30 kg (4)3 – 4 daysDHL€ 86,80DHL€ 155,50
Rest of Europe -7 kg (3)EMS€ 38,00  
Rest of Europe -20 kg (3)EMS€ 65,50  
Rest of the world -7 kg (3)EMS€ 95,80  
Rest of the world -20 kg (3)EMS€ 225,60  
(1) EMS: max. 176x78x58 cm / 30 kg or DHL: max. 180x100x60 cm / 31,5 kg
(2) DHL: max. 240x100x200 cm / 31,5 kg
(3) EMS: max. 150x50x70 cm / 20 kg. Max. belt size 300 cm
(4) DHL: max. 180x100x60 cm / 31,5 kg

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