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The CarFax Parts of Lyons Ga presents:

This eBay listing is a 2020-2021 MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 Supercharged 5.2L Predator Engine with 7-speed dual-clutch Transmission.2021 Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 Price

This is a 2020 model with 23,737 miles.

Performance modifications include:


  • JLT cold air intake
  • Griptec 2.85 inch supercharger overdrive pulley


The last time we dynoed these exact mods on 93 octanes, it gave the GT500 65rwhp and 84 rwtq overstock!

This is a good running engine kit with no problems. GUARANTEED

At TPF we call this our “Master Kit”.  This kit comes with everything that you need from the donor car to run this engine kit on a pallet out of the donor vehicle.


We have already turned off the pats system on this ECU for you! Now you can plug and play without the antitheft system, stopping you in your tracks.  We are the only engine kit supplier to offer this at this time!  

This Parts Farm Master kit Includes:

  • Complete Ford Mustang 5.2L v8 engine & 7-speed DCT Transmission
  • All front engine accessories: pulleys and idlers.
  • AC compressor and belt kit  
  • Alternator with belt          
  • Engine starter motor        
  • Front oxygen sensors
  • Rear oxygen sensors
  • Engine injector and sensor wiring harness  
  • Intake tube, Mass Air Meter, and air filter
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Speedo Gauge cluster reading correct miles
  • Engine computer
  • Engine computer wiring
  • Body Control Module
  • Dash wiring harness
  • Starter/battery Harness
  • Body Harness
  • An engine under hood fuse box
  • Transmission Block plate
  • Flywheel/clutch
  • 7-speed DCT transmission
  • Shifter knob assembly
  • Fuel tank with high flow pumps
  • Steering wheel with paddle shifters ( no airbag)
  •  At no extra charge, I include All of the bolts and fasteners that were left over during the engine removal!  Try buying those from ford!   


This item must ship truck freight.

Please send your zip code for a freight quote!

This needs to go to an address with a forklift or a dock OR to your closest FedEx freight terminal.

If you need a lift gate, that is an extra $90

Residential delivery adds an extra $90 as well. 



A $300 deposit is due at the time of purchase.  This can be paid by Paypal or Credit card. This deposit is a commitment to buy on the part of the buyer and is non-refundable. Failure to pay for this item in full within 7 days will result in the loss of the deposit and this item being relisted for sale. 

The balance must be paid for by certified funds.  This includes: Cash in person, Certified bank check, or Wire Transfer.

We also accept personal and business checks but will not ship items until the funds have cleared the bank.

Due to the custom nature of these kits, there are no refunds on purchases.  All sales final.

By bidding or sending a deposit for this kit, the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth by the seller

The CarFax

1572 Ross Bowen rd

Lyons Ga 30436

The Sweet onion capital of the world!


Buyers with zero feedback or negative feedback will need to contact me before bidding.


In cases where items are returned due to a changed mind or buyer’s remorse, the original shipping cost will not be refunded, and or the return will be subject to a restocking fee to cover lost time, labor, and restocking costs.


Most parts we sell through eBay Motors come with a 120-day warranty. All drivetrain (engines, transmission, rear axles, etc) carry a 3-month/3,000-mile warranty unless otherwise stated. The 3 month period starts when you take possession of the part. We do not cover the expenses of reprogramming or any labor costs unless a labor warranty is purchased at the time of checkout.

In the event, a part sold with a warranty fails to operate within the warranty period we will replace the part(s) with a functionally equivalent part or refund the part purchase price, at our option. No refund on deposits or unwanted special order parts or special “cut” items.

Original shipping charges and return shipping charges are not refunded. You have 14 days to return a part for any reason other than failure, to process the return you must contact us within the 14-day period to obtain an RMA number (return material authorization). Once you obtain an RMA number, ship the item back to CarFax, 1800 Ross Bowen Rd. Lyons, GA 30436 along with the RMA number.

By buying or bidding on this item you acknowledge and agree to the terms stated in this auction.


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