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We proudly present this  1994-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT DOHC 4.6L Corbeau Front Seats GTS Brackets available for purchase FRONT SET. BURN MARK   Pair of Corbeau Seats was removed from a 1994 Cobra Coupe with 48k miles. The seats are still in good condition and ready to install.  The driver seat has a small cigarette burn on the bottom cushion.  Please view all pictures before purchasing.  Have normal wear and tear.  This Cobra Coupe had a manual transmission with paint code UA and axle code Z 3.08. The CARFAX 1572 Ross Bowen Rd Lyons Ga 30436 SEE PICS AT BOTTOM FOR EXACT CONDITION! Call The TPF Hotline for more MUSTANG AND CAMARO awesome car parts! ------------------------


PLEASE SEND YOUR ZIP CODE FOR A FREIGHT QUOTE. ITEM SHIPPED WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS ITEM INSURED FOR BUY IT NOW PRICE. Most parts we sell through eBay Motors come with a 120-day warranty. All drivetrain (engines, transmission, rear axles, etc) carry a 3-month/3,000-mile warranty unless otherwise stated. The 3 month period starts when you take possession of the part. We do not cover the expenses of reprogramming or any labor costs unless a labor warranty is purchased at the time of checkout. In the event, a part sold with a warranty fails to operate within the warranty period we will replace the part(s) with a functionally equivalent part or refund the part purchase price, AT OUR OPTION No refund on deposits or unwanted special order parts or special "cut" items. Original shipping charges and return shipping charges are not refunded. You have 14 days to return a part for any reason other than failure, to process the return you must contact us within the 14-day period to obtain an RMA number (return material authorization). Once you obtain an RMA number, ship the item back to The Parts Farm, 1572 Ross Bowen Rd. Lyons, GA 30436 along with the RMA number. By buying or bidding on this item you acknowledge and agree to the terms stated in this auction. _______ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS Orders placed and paid for after 12pm eastern time will be processed the following BUSINESS day.  We are closed Saturday, Sunday, and all major holidays. You must obtain a freight quote before you can checkout and make payment on ALL freight orders!  Thank you! - Team CarFax _______IMPORTANT FREIGHT INFORMATION_______ !!!!!! PLEASE INSPECT ALL FREIGHT BEFORE ACCEPTING DELIVERY !!!!!!! !!!!!! IF YOU SIGN AND IT IS DAMAGED IT


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You’ll spend all of your time in your Mustang sitting in the seat, so it makes sense that you have a seat that will not only keep you comfortable, but safe too, depending on the type of driving you do. With the wide variety of seat options available from Corbeau, you can find comfortable and safe seats, tracks to attach them to your Mustang, seat belts, harness bars and much more. Find your Corbeau parts from CJ Pony Parts today!
Based in Utah, Corbeau has been an industry leader in supplying some of the highest quality, most affordable seats and other interior products to dozens of different automotive makes and models, including many generations of the Ford Mustang. Corbeau has decades of experience in the industry and works hard to make every customer’s experience a good one. Their goal is to make every customer a lifelong customer, and Corbeau believes that starts with top notch customer service. Combined with the excellent sales and customer care team from CJ Pony Parts, ordering Corbeau products is a purchase you’re sure to feel good about and enjoy for years to come.

Corbeau offers a wide variety of seats for many generations of the Ford Mustang. If you are just looking to replace aging factory seats, Corbeau offers many comfortable and stylish replacement options. While these seats from Corbeau will feature a great look and lots of comfort, they also offer aggressive bolstering and support, so you will stay securely in your seat, whether you’re just rolling down the interstate or taking turns on your favorite backroad. Other seating options from Corbeau are more track oriented, which offer less options than the street seats, but still maintain high levels of comfort and give racing driver’s a high level of safety that they can rely upon if an incident would ever arise.

When you’re adding new seats from Corbeau, you don’t want to forget about the rest of the equipment you’ll need to attach it to your Mustang and keep you completely safe. This includes seat tracks, which bolt to your Mustang and are what you attach the seat to, and seat belts and harness bars, which offer numerous ways to keep you securely in your new Corbeau seat. Check out all of the Corbeau products from CJ Pony Parts today and make these new seats an upgrade that you’ll never regret.


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